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Look 18 Years Old Super Charged Affirmations!Beauty Affirmations!


Say these Beauty Affirmations while hydrating and applying the complete nutrients on your face and body as you are massaging it, do it always regularly, twice daily in the morning and evening repetitively over and over continuously for 18 minutes!... 


Look 18 Years Old Super Charged Affirmations!


I Look 18 Years Old like a teenager! I have a gorgeous face and attractive body of an 18 years old. I have a fast, well functioning excellent metabolism of a young beautiful 18 years old. My skin is extremely youthful, always teen looking like an 18 years old. My body is full of energy and vitality. I have the fountain of youth deep within me that is endlessly radiating inside out! My face and body rejuvenates itself like an 18 years old. My DNA in every cell and nerve of my face and body continuously glow inner beauty, radiating inside out and naturally regenerate itself, glowing endlessly shining everyday like an 18 years old, forever beauty! I am slim, beautiful and strong, so healthy looking younger like an 18 years old teenager. Every cell and nerve of my face and body looks even way much better to best, the most beautiful, sweetest and most attractive now than ever before compared to when I was in my so sweet and very attractive 18 years old! I look even way much younger than before. My body is so healthy and burns calories fast naturally. My skin is smooth and flawless, full of radiance, teen looking like 18 years old endlessly! My beauty comes from deep within, radiating inside out! Ageless and endless youthful happy healthy looking 18 years old, forever beauty! Created after God's own image of perfection, His own forever likeness and eternal countenance!

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